The Force Unleashed 2 – Archived review

It arrived in the mail on Friday, and I played it on Saturday. It took about 10 hours, two of which were spent on annoying series of platform jumps. In other words, the game is short, about a third the length of The Force Unleashed. The game framework has been improved somewhat; the switch between game menus…

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Walking around Utica, NY

Sounds boring, doesn't it? But every place has a different vibe and energy. Utica turns out to be more than just a generic upstate NY city. My impressions: - The architecture is varied and interesting... and the buildings are clean. I hadn't fully appreciated what living in an area that's not dominated by air pollution can do…

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Letting go

I keep dreaming about setting up my booth at the Ren Faire, even though I made the decision to leave last year. This doesn't change my life much, nor does it make me regret my decision. It's just a measure of how much the Faire gets into your blood.

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Isaac’s status

It’s been about six weeks since I last posted about how Isaac Bonewits is doing.

Please bear in mind, as I discuss his health, circumstances, and requests, that in all good conscience I can only put forward those things that Phaedra has already made public, or for which I’ve received specific permission from Isaac to share. This is a hard time for the family, and I wish to give them control over their privacy.


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