The Force Unleashed 2 – Archived review

It arrived in the mail on Friday, and I played it on Saturday. It took about 10 hours, two of which were spent on annoying series of platform jumps. In other words, the game is short, about a third the length of The Force Unleashed.

The game framework has been improved somewhat; the switch between game menus is much faster than the previous game. When you acquire a new crystal for your lightsaber, you’re told exactly what it does. I’m afraid that’s the most positive thing I can say about the game.

I experienced a couple of technical glitches on the PS3 version. At one point, the voice and music soundtracks cut out, just before a boss fight. I knew I was being given hints on how to fight the boss, but I didn’t know what they were; I had to figure it all out by myself. Actually, this made it the most interesting boss fight in the game. (The final boss fight, against… it’s Star Wars, you can’t guess? … was more tedious than epic.) I fixed the audio problem by quitting the game and starting it again.

Overall, TFU2 feels more like an expansion pack that does not justify the full cost of another game. The story is a bit thin; the ending screams sequel. TFU2 goes a long way towards curing me of my Star Wars mania; I’m not sure I’ll be as interested in buying TFU3 whenever it’s released.

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