The rings are back

After much copying and pasting and clicking and reclicking, the rings are back in my Kickin’ Wiccan shop on Shapeways and Etsy.

Things are not quite what they once were. Shapeways no longer allows individual customization of models that are not on their list, which is limited to size, scale, sides, or ring size. For example, this means I can no longer offer this:

Triple Moon braided pentacle photo cropped

That is, I can’t offer to modify my standard Triple Moon ring with a symbol in the middle of the triple moon. Or rather, I can’t offer it without jumping through many additional hoops so that it’s not worth it to me.

Other customizations I could offer included a pentacle in the middle of my most popular item, the Wheel of Hecate ring:

WoH engraved pentacle raw brass cropped

Oh well. Better to have the rings available to those who want them as-is than to cancel the whole shop due to lack of customization options.

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