I’d make a lousy zombie

Today I finally managed to work my way through the insurance company’s twisty maze of little passages, all alike, and get approval for an MRI. The location was only ten minutes from my home by car. I’ve been basically lying on my sofa or my bed for the past two weeks, and was feeling better. I decided to drive there.

This was a mistake. It was about as painful as driving had been two weeks ago, on the day of the accident. Having special cushions in my car had almost no effect.

I made it to the medical facility and had an MRI of my lumbar region. I’ve had MRIs before. They’re not much fun. If you’ve never experienced an MRI: It teaches you why the first thing a zombie or a vampire does is claw their way out of their coffin. At least coffins are quiet, and the undead can move around as much as they want. An MRI offers neither benefit.

My problem is that there was no pain-free way for me to lie on my back, despite the kindness of the staff, their willingness to provide pillows and other supports, and my testing several positions. The pain wasn’t too great, but it was constant, and I couldn’t move. When I was finally released from my coffin–excuse me, the MRI device–every move of my spine was agony.

Fortunately, I was able to break up the way back into two five-minute trips, stopping at a mall to do some shopping.

Overall, the experience has set me back in my recovery, at least for today.

I still have at least one more MRI to go (for the sacrum/coccyx), pending insurance approval. At this moment I almost hope that the insurance company declines to pay for it. This tells me that it’s not likely I’ll be able to drive to work this Monday.

Damn. I must be patient.

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