Clearing a path to the graves

I’ve written before about the gravestones of two dogs buried on the Nevis property. In that post, I talked about clipping away the vegetation (mostly raspberry bushes) to keep the path to the stones clear. Since I wrote that post, I’ve visited the gravestones every year in May. The task has become harder each year. Raspberry bushes…

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Who has two thumbs and a $4000 car repair bill? This guy! I don’t know if this will impact my ability to go to Free Spirit. I have to see if I can start getting into “saving mode” again now that I’m out from under my regular medical expenses.

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A Witch Does Passover – 2015

This year I organized my Passover seder at the home of Sabrina and Michael. This year, Passover and Easter fell on the same weekend. We wound up blending those two and the pagan holiday of Ostara into PassEastara. The seder went well. There were a total of 11 people there, making it one of the largest seders…

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