I recently had an insight connected with the biography: In order to give Isaac’s actions or opinions some context, it would be a good idea to include some mention of historical events, especially ones related to religion or paganism. For example, in February 1979, the month in which the big eclipse ritual took place at the Stonehenge replica, Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran.


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Protected: A chance to listen

A follow-up to this post: I received a phone call today. R passed away last night, on 14-Jan-2012. He was 94. Cancer had spread from his bladder to his lungs. He was fortunate in a way Isaac was not: R never experienced any significant pain from his cancer. He was less fortunate in another: R passed away…

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Goddess Bless Llewellyn Publications

I’ve posted about the trials and tribulations of getting permissions to use old newspaper photos of Isaac in the biography. In some cases I’m quoted a price that seems high for something that’s valueless to the owner; in other cases the rights are ambiguous and I get unhelpful answers to my queries.


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Interview list

One of daunting tasks associated with researching the life of Isaac Bonewits for his biography is the number of people I want to interview. Here’s the list as of 27-Apr-2012. It’s an ever-increasing list; it seems that every time I speak with someone, they say “You know, you should also speak with…”


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The cost of pictures

This is a follow-up to my post on obtaining the rights to print newspaper pictures in the biography. It turned out that did not hold the rights to the material in their archives, but a nice person in their organization looked up who did and sent me an email. (Her name was "Janet Stewart", and for…

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Biography today

I’m having trouble sleeping, so I might as well blog about my day’s work on the biography.

I coded a few documents, but my primary task was to go over the folder of newspaper clippings Isaac had on the February 26, 1979 total eclipse of the sun. What made that eclipse special is its path intersected the location of the Stonehenge replica near Maryhill, Washington. A great gathering of pagans took place, to create a spiritual intersection at the same time as the astronomical one.


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