I recently had an insight connected with the biography: In order to give Isaac’s actions or opinions some context, it would be a good idea to include some mention of historical events, especially ones related to religion or paganism. For example, in February 1979, the month in which the big eclipse ritual took place at the Stonehenge replica, Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran.

Which such events were important to Isaac? I had the answer in my hands. Isaac saved magazine and newspaper clippings for those events that were of significance to him… and I did not scan them. I only scanned those articles that mentioned or were written by Isaac. Now that material is at UCSB.

Obviously, this is not an insurmountable setback. There are plenty of references for historical events. I’m just annoyed that I set aside a valuable resource, and now it would take more time and effort than I can spare to recover it.

warned me this sort of thing would happen. There’s nothing to be done except to accept it and move on.

Oh well. All of that extra material would probably have resulted in no more than ten sentences anyway, scattered throughout the biography.

It’s still annoying!

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