Eclipse 2

I discussed the board game Eclipse in a previous post. I did not anticipate how popular the game would be.

I brought the game to the regular Thursday-night board-game night at Hobbytown. It was so popular I was asked to bring to the following night. They enjoyed it so much, I was asked to bring it for a third consecutive week. There was to be a gaming party the following weekend, and I was asked to bring the game again (though the party was cancelled).

This is unprecedented. The gamers at Hobbytown generally like variety, switching from game to game, alternating old favorites (such as 7 Wonders and Dominion) with games we’ve never played before (like X-Wing Miniatures). I’ve never seen them ask for the same game three weeks in a row.

The game cost $100, but it was a good investment. I think I’ve got a game I’ll replay often… and maybe even win once in a while!

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