I just realized that I've been working on Isaac Bonewits's biography for over a year. Holy excrement! I've got nine gigabytes of scanned files, hours of interviews, 65 pages of notes and links. And it feels like I've barely started. I haven't seriously spoken with anyone from ADF yet. Or his mother. Or his sisters. Or... I'm…

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Calendar imperfections

I'm prepping for a second interview with Selene Vega. Following a suggestion from about resources, I'm skimming through the calendars for the years she was with Isaac Bonewits, if for no other reason than to ask, "What does this funny-looking squiggle mean?" I find that my collection of Isaac's calendars is not as complete as I thought…

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Lessons learned from Isaac’s calendars

I had my first “calendar party” today. Its purpose was to get a group of people to start working through Isaac’s calendars and enter the information in a common computer database. Isaac kept all of his calendars from 1973 through 2010; it’s a wealth of information for any biographer.


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Deborah Lipp was kind enough to point me to a 1974 Tom Snyder interview with Isaac Bonewits, Ed Fitch, Fred Adams, and "Poke" Runyon. I've already tweeted about how young Isaac looks. Then I came to later section of the interview. Tom Snyder asks about pagan beliefs in life after death. The other three agree with some…

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Arkham Horror

I love to play games. I don't mean the kind where you mess with people's heads; I mean the kind where you sit around with a bunch of other folks and everyone has fun rolling dice or playing cards or whatever. I play my share of computer games; World of Warcraft and Skyrim are my current pastimes. That's mainly as a substitute for face-to-face interaction, not in place of it.

Once a month, I have a game night at my place, on the third Wednesday of the month. I used to host a Munchkin game on that night; that evolved into playing Argothald. I'd like to play other games, but that would mean playing more often, which means finding more gamers.

Or perhaps I can make them. This is the first of a series of reviews of games I enjoy. If one of them sounds interesting to you, let me know and we'll see what we can arrange.


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