Interview progress

At Samhain, I made a “New Year’s resolution”: I was going to spend more time working on Isaac Bonewits’ biography.

The gods are keeping me to this promise. After months of sending out messages via Facebook, Ron Wright (Isaac’s editor at Llewellyn when he worked on Gnostica) and Bobby Pennell (co-author with Isaac on a few novels and songs) have gotten in touch with me.

Bobby told me that he send me three messages. None of them got through to me. Probably it was some Facebook issue or other. It reinforces my opinion that Facebook is not an ideal medium for biographical research.

There are two people who have not yet responded to my interview requests via Facebook: Gavin and Yvonne Frost. Now I can’t shake the notion that they may have responded, but Facebook never forwarded the message. (I also wrote them a couple of regular-mail letters, but to a PO Box they used five years ago.)

If anyone out there has a connect to the Frosts outside of Facebook, would you please offer them a chance to link up with me? My email address is:

bonewits.research of

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  1. lupagreenwolf

    I’m not much help, but I am eager to see this project continue!

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