Deborah Lipp was kind enough to point me to a 1974 Tom Snyder interview with Isaac Bonewits, Ed Fitch, Fred Adams, and “Poke” Runyon. I’ve already tweeted about how young Isaac looks.

Then I came to later section of the interview. Tom Snyder asks about pagan beliefs in life after death. The other three agree with some notion of reincarnation. Isaac says:

“I do not have a personal belief in reincarnation or in survival after death, and that’s not a required belief in the groups with which I work. I just say ‘I don’t know. I’ll find out when the time comes.'”

Tom Snyder replies with a chuckle, “Won’t we all.”

And now Isaac knows. As does Fred Adams and Tom Snyder.

The crappiest thing about writing this biography is becoming aware of the heavy hand of time on those for whom I care and respect. Yes, the passage of time is natural and, as Tom Synder said, one day we’ll all have an answer about existence after death. I still feel sad at the consequences of age and loss. I see a picture of someone young and vital; I talk with them when they’re old or ill… or perhaps I cannot speak with them at all.

Arkham Horror

I love to play games. I don't mean the kind where you mess with people's heads; I mean the kind where you sit around with a bunch of other folks and everyone has fun rolling dice or playing cards or whatever. I play my share of computer games; World of Warcraft and Skyrim are my current pastimes. That's mainly as a substitute for face-to-face interaction, not in place of it.

Once a month, I have a game night at my place, on the third Wednesday of the month. I used to host a Munchkin game on that night; that evolved into playing Argothald. I'd like to play other games, but that would mean playing more often, which means finding more gamers.

Or perhaps I can make them. This is the first of a series of reviews of games I enjoy. If one of them sounds interesting to you, let me know and we'll see what we can arrange.

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