Transitions 4

My step-father is hanging on.

On the one hand, the cardiologists say that his heart is only functioning at 7% normal. Since my step-father has refused angioplasty or any other invasive forms of treatment, it’s pretty certain he’s not going to get better.

On the other hand, his eyes open in response to stimulation, and once his lips moved as if he were trying to speak. The neurologists interpret this as a sign that his brain is still functioning.

My mother and step-father discussed the possibility of situations like this, and has copies of his health care directive. She’s prepared to request that the respirator be disconnected; she knows that what he’d want. But there are ethical concerns that the doctors must address before this can happen.

So we wait.

In other news, when I go out to LA, my mother says that I can stay at her place. This will save me hundreds of dollars in hotel fees. On the other hand, I’ll be staying at my mom’s place. Oh well; if I can endure sleeping at FSG for five days, I’m sure I can handle staying with my mom for just as long.

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  1. catbirdgirl

    why is your mom’s place bad- physical or emotional?

    1. wgseligman

      A blend of both. Plus one might recognize a degree of humor in the complaint.

      1. catbirdgirl

        sorry, missed the deadpan right there and fell into the livepan.

  2. sabrinamari

    hugging you from here; hoping that some good comes of this for you.

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