Power and Powerfulness

OK, last night I whined.If you're one of my LJ friends, you saw the post. If you're not, it's not worth becoming one just to see it. Believe me.One of my personal rules is: It's OK to whine once in a while, as long as you offer something to the universe to make it worth tolerating the…

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Protected: Power and Powerlessness

It's been 29 hours without power so far at the time I write this. The last time there was a power outage due to windy weather on this block, several years ago, it took them four days to fix it. My mood right now can only be described as "crappy." I got very little actual work done…

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Investing in our future

I was asked to repost this Facebook status as a blog post, so that others could share it. When someone asks what good the space program ever did, I have to point out: The sky is blue and the sun is shining, yet we know that a potentially devastating hurricane is coming due to weather satellites. Thousands…

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A Revelation in the Desert

I just learned (ten minutes ago) that one of the professors at my physics lab is going to Burning Man. He's never been to a festival like this before. I made sure he'd been warned about the challenges... but my concern was unnecessary. His son has been going to Burning Man for years, and is responsible for…

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I have a three-hour wait at the Long Beach airport, while I wait for my plane to board. Now is a good time to tell me that you love me. Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

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For all the Latinos out there

I'm providing some minor assistance to Ricky, a AAA technician, as he works on my mother's car. As we're doing the usual car stuff (filling out paperwork, cranking the engine) he often repeats, "It's all right"; e.g., "Turn on the A/C, the headlights, and the radio, then rev the engine to 150 RPM. It's all right. Now…

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