Looking for… (part 2)

In my research on Isaac’s biography, I’m looking to get in touch with some people. Any help you can offer (including a signal boost) would be appreciated.

Gavin and Yvonne Frost are the founders of the Church of Wicca, and long-time friends of Isaac. I wrote to them at the address on their web site. They haven’t responded yet; that site has not been updated since 2006. Does anyone have more recent contact information? Addendum: Once again, located via Facebook and message sent.

I’m still looking for Ron Wright, Robert Pennell, and confirmation on Robert Larsen. I sent Wright and Pennell messages via Facebook, but have yet to receive a reply.

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  1. dydan

    I am on pretty friendly terms with his widow, Phaedra Bonewits. If you pass me your email address, I’ll be happy to pass along the message to her. As executor of his estate, she’s probably the best person to ask for things.

    1. wgseligman

      Thanks. If you look at the biography link (at http://bit.ly/IBbio to keep it brief) you’ll see that I’m in contact with Phaedra, Deborah, and Sally; I’ve also made contact with Selene and Danny. She sees my blog posts; if she hasn’t responded, it’s because she doesn’t know where Ron Wright is either.

  2. seanthedruid

    Robert Larson passed on August 6, 2004. here is his obituary in A Druid Missalany:

    Robert (Bob) Larson was born in Waukegan, Illinois to Lawrence and Margaret Larson on August 31st, 1943. He passed away in Oakland, CA on August 6, 2004. Bob was a graduate of Waukegan Township High School and advanced his education at Carleton College from 1961 to 1965. At that time, so typical of the 1960s, Bob became a free spirit, grew his hair long, bought a guitar and headed west. Arriving in Oakland, he first worked as a longshoreman and for the last 25+ years, as a printer.

    Bob loved to play guitar, mandolin and banjo, and for several years, participated in Renaissance Fairs. He collected and read books with a passion and had a particular interest in all things Celtic/Irish.

    Bob never married. He was preceded in death by his mother, father, and older brother Donald. He is survived and was loved by his two older brothers, Richard and Lawrence; two nephews, Lawrence and Eric; three nieces Jacqueline, Christina and Kathleen; one grandnephew and four grandnieces. We will him Godspeed and a hearty welcome into God’s Kingdom. Funeral arrangements are by the Neptune Society of Oakland. He will be interred with his parents in Warren Cemetery in Gurnee, Illinois.

    It was Bob Larson who brought the RDNA to California from Carleton. He founded the Berkeley Grove in 1968, which later spawned Live Oak Grove, Hazelnut Grove, Birch Grove, Duir De Danu Grove, Tuatha De Danu Grove, Baccharis Grove, and Poison Oak Grove. The traditions most of us in the California Groves follow can be traced back to Bob. He made Druidism come alive with his interest and vitality. He is responsible, along with Isaac Bonewits, for the Druid Chronicles (Evolved), a revision of the Druid Chronicles made in 1976.

    Editor’s note: Bob’s brother Lawrence requests if anyone has any memories of Bob that they would like to share that he would appreciate receiving them. Please send them to A Druid Missal-Any, address at the end of this newsletter, or to poppinjay@earthlink.net and I will forward them on to him.

    1. wgseligman

      Thank you, Sean. I’m sorry to hear of his passing. I wish I had the chance to speak with him.

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