LiveJournal account name shift

When I started this LJ blog, I felt I should be anonymous. I picked a name of personal significance to me, crytolos, that would have no meaning to anyone who didn’t know me.

Things have changed in the past three years. Facebook has eroded the concept of internet privacy. Also, now I’m using my blog as an information-gathering resource as I write a biography of Isaac Bonewits.

Therefore, I’ve changed the name of my LJ account to  . I’ve allowed auto-forwarding from the old crytolos account, so all the old links still work and folks can still use it to read my blog.

I know I could have have just created a new LJ account, but frankly I don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of maintaining multiple accounts. Anyone who’s reading my blog for news and anecdotes about the biography will have to deal with stories about my Wiccan experience, gaming adventures, and maybe a physics essay someday.

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