Return from the PA Ren Faire

As I mentioned in my previous post, I visited the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this past weekend. As promised, no 13-part saga this time.

The weather predictions were correct: it was wet and rainy both days I was there. Many acts were cancelled or reduced.  But H’s shows went on.  What a trouper!

I’m normally found at the NY Ren Faire, but other folks who’ve visited both have told me that the PA Faire is better. Now that I’ve seen them both, I’m forced to agree: Even in rainy, miserable weather, the PA Faire is clearly better than the one in Tuxedo, NY.  The entertainment in PA is more professional, the shops are larger and more attractive, and though the acreage is smaller they make better use of the space.

If I can find a major fault of the PA Ren Faire, it’s in the way they’ve treated H.  They’ve relegated her performance opposite some high-powered acts, in a rather obscure corner of the site, have mis-labeled her act, and don’t even mention her name in the program book.  That’s a fine way to treat the most talented performer there!

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