Please Signal Boost – Help for a friend of Isaac Bonewits

Given human nature and the nature of the pagan community, it was inevitable: One of the people I contacted in connection with Isaac’s biography is having some financial difficulties. He didn’t ask for a hand-out; instead he asked that I spread awareness of his services as a reader.

His name is Stephan Abbott. He knew Isaac 40 years ago; Isaac got him a job working at Gnostica, one of the influential publications of the pagan movement. I haven’t interviewed Stephan yet, but I’m sure he’s got lots of juicy Isaac stories.

Here are the links for Stephan’s school of magic: (click on the graphics to get to different portions of the site)

You can arrange readings from him via:

Please spread the word, speak with Stephen, and learn what he can offer. I may not interview him for a while, so you may be able to get the cool stories before I do!

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