Who has two thumbs and a $4000 car repair bill? This guy! I don’t know if this will impact my ability to go to Free Spirit. I have to see if I can start getting into “saving mode” again now that I’m out from under my regular medical expenses.

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Protected: FoV

On the surface, here's what happened: I went to Fires of Venus. After spending a day there, I left.I'm not going to discuss why. It's much too personal for a blog post, even a private one.There's something I want to make clear: Yes, I had problems at Fires of Venus. But I do not have a problem…

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Need microphone set-up for faint voice recording

OK, audio geeks, I need help and I need it fast.In one week, I go to the Free Spirit Gathering. I hope to do some voice interviews. The set-up will probably be people sitting around in a circle, from 10 to 30 feet across (I have no idea). I want to make audio recordings of my questions…

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The Journey Home

I spent the past week at the Free Spirit Gathering in Darlington, MD. I had a good time.

This time was particularly special for me because I camped with the members of the Wicca group I teach. I’ve camped with members of my "clan" before; people who either trained with me or were taught by the same teacher(s). This was the first time I camped with a network of folks whom I had brought together. It felt good.

Unfortunately, the journey home from Free Spirit was not so pleasant.

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