Wicca and jewelry

Most of you have probably heard me talk about jewelry shop on Shapeways. Originally I started learning about 3D design and discovered Shapeways as part of a process to recreate a ring, precious to me, that I lost on my 53rd birthday due to my illness. Later I started to design other Wiccan and pagan jewelry and…

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Cleaning the storefront

Last Friday, I had a chance to consult with the talented artist Vann Godfrey about Kickin’ Wiccan, my jewelry shop on Shapeways. I’ve spent the past few days putting his advice into practice. Vann’s advice was similar to that of Shapeways’ advice to its shop owners. Here’s what I’ve figured out, both from Vann and from my…

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Spreading the word

Since I had to cancel my trip, I’ve decided to spend much of my vacation working on my on-line Wiccan jewelry shop. The store, “The Kickin’ Wiccan,” is a storefront on Shapeways, a 3D printing service. A shopper can pick one of my designs, choose the size if it’s a ring, maybe choose the magical symbol on…

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If you’ve met me, you know that I like to wear colorful t-shirts. I typically pick up a new shirt at each festival or convention I go to.

What happens to the t-shirts when they wear out? It used to be that I’d just use them as rags. I’ve learned something else I can do:


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