Camping stuff giveaway

I’m clearing out a closet. It was filled with all sorts of old camping gear. The most recent is about ten years old.

I have some distant dream of attending Free Spirit Gathering again. But it’s been years, I don’t know how long it will be before pandemic safety issues don’t dominate my lifestyle, and I need the closet space. So I’m giving it all away.

I really want to get rid of all of it at once. Any request for an individual item will go to the bottom of the queue until I become convinced that no one will take it all.

I acknowledge up front that most of it is plastic that might have degraded over the years. I strongly advise testing it before taking on an actual camping/festival trip.

Starting with the green box at the top and working clockwise:

  • Coleman Airbed King. Note that the Amazon link doesn’t point to this exact item, because (as I say above) I purchased it 10+ years ago. It’s a king-sized air mattress. I believe it includes a foot pump, but I never opened the box.
  • Smartairbeds king bed. Again, the link points to something approximate. This is a full-size full-height king-sized air mattress. The black bag contains some bed linens big enough for the mattress. It also contains an air pump that has to be plugged in; it’s not merely battery- or foot-powered. Believe me, you’ll need the power to pump up a mattress this big. You can see the giant blue air bed in a semi-folded state next to black linen bag. I strongly suspect that there is a slow leak in this bed, but I never got around to doing the typical repair procedure.
  • Eureka Copper Canyon 10. I got this tent roughly 20 years ago. I chose it because I wanted a tent in which I could fully stand up; I’m 6’4″. It’s certainly big enough to contain either of the king-sized air beds above.
  • 9×9 drawstring tarp. This should be just the right size for the tent. As you can see, I never opened it.
  • Sleeping bag. I’ve owned this sleeping bag for at least 30 years. I have many fond memories of that bag. (No, not those kinds of memories. I should be so lucky.) I’ve taken it to many a festival and campsite, and it’s kept me toasty warm every time. I remember sleeping on it the first night I moved into the apartment I’m sitting in now, my cat Pepper curled at my side. However, now it’s just sitting around, and someone might as well use it. I’ve had it dry-cleaned a few times over the years (and had its zipper replaced once); you probably want to have it dry-cleaned again.
  • Not shown: At least one giant snaplock box with miscellaneous camping supplies, including rope and toilet paper. I’ll toss in any butane cooking gear I still have (pretty much all single-person). I’m not sure whether the ground stakes to put up the tent are in the tent’s bag, or in this box.

Interested? Let me know.

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  1. William Seligman

    For what it’s worth (since I think this post has passed into the mists of the internet), the Coleman King-sized air mattress has found a home. The rest is still available.

    1. Evan

      Is this still true? Interested if so!

      1. William Seligman

        Everything is still in my closet, except for the Coleman air mattress; someone claimed that.

  2. William Seligman

    It’s all been given away! Thanks, Evan; now I have closet space again.

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