Why they pay me

Today, a student comes into my office. This is one of the physics summer students who are here as a result of a nation-wide selection for the brightest. Here’s the exchange: “I can’t run GIMP on the server.” “Did you try typing ‘gimp’ on the command line?” “I did, and it didn’t work.” I sigh, and start googling for him: How to run GIMP under Linux. “Are you sure you typed ‘gimp’ on the server? Let me check.” I login to the server and type ‘gimp’. GIMP starts running. “So what’s the problem?” “Oh, I typed ‘gimp2.2’ because that’s what was on the web page I saw.” “Ever hear of the ‘which’ or ‘locate’ commands?” “Uh, no.” “I think I know what you should google when you next sit at your computer.”

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