The Wizard and the Witch – a review

Once upon a time, a beautiful witch met a handsome wizard and they fell in love. Together they made great works of magic. They created unicorns and searched for mermaids. Many listened to their words: the seekers, the young, the wise, and the learned. And they lived… …perhaps not “happily ever after.” But they lived indeed! Once…

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My own little server

I’m thinking about setting up my own server with my own WordPress blog, mail server, list server, etc. It would free me from the potential vissitudes of LiveJournal. I could share it with my friends (such as sabrinamari) who’ve expressed the same concern about the permanence of LiveJournal. I could even offer a mail server and message…

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A Witch Does Passover – 2014

The theme for the seder this year turned out to be “family.” Three guests, who dearly wanted to come, could not due to family obligations. Of the seven guests we had this year, six of them (once enough wine was consumed) shared trials and tribulations associated with their family. Yes, I was one of the six. The one who didn’t share a family story came to my seder for the first time, and didn’t know most of the people there; they may have kept quiet.


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