Bioshock – Archived review

I’m behind the curve on this one, I know. With all the talk of Bioshock Infinite, I thought I’d give the original Bioshock a try.

As someone who tolerates FPS for the story, I was pleased overall. The story was as impressive as the Bioshock Infinite reviews (referring back to this game) had made it out to be: I “got’ the meta-commentary of the confrontation with Andrew Ryan immediately. The graphics were impressive; they stand up to games being release six years later.

My only complaint is that there was at least one section in which you basically “farmed mats” to get to the next zone. I’ve sorta stopped playing WoW because I’ve grown tired of that pointless task, and it doesn’t get any better when put into an FPS game.

With that said, I enjoyed playing the game. I’m going to skip Bioshock 2 (reviewers seem to characterize it as “more of the same”) and move on to Bioshock Infinite in a few weeks.

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