You don’t believe

Occasionally I'm asked how I reconcile being both a physicist and a Wiccan. My answer is long and I think most people find it tedious. But in today's Writer's Almanac, I learned that William Blake expressed it much more succinctly: You don’t believe by William Blake You don't believe — I won't attempt to make ye. You…

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Looking for…

I continue to search for people who knew Isaac Bonewits. Please let me know if you know how to get in touch with any of the following people. If you can, please boost the signal, and/or copy this request to any appropriate mail groups and message boards. The URL of this post is Wright was an…

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Donating books

A few months ago, I donated almost 300 books to the Books For Soldiers program. It felt good, but the process was a bit complicated. In order to help others feel as good, I’m going to go over the complete soup-to-nuts procedure for donating books in the same way.

Please feel free to "boost the signal" and re-post this information.


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More gifts from the gods

Today I'm going to undergo a minor medical procedure that will affect my eyesight. I won't be able to work for the rest of the day. In two weeks, I'm going to have a diagnostic procedure that will become a feature of my life from now on, once a decade or so. The preparation for the procedure…

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Protected: A call to dream

She called yesterday. We talked for about two hours. It was the usual: computer consulting, stuff going on in our lives, pets, plans. Last night, I dreamed about her. It was a pleasant enough dream (no, there weren't any radiant fruits of passion), but I always find dreaming about her to be unsettling. Oh well, it's over.…

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Neil Simon’s birthday

Today (July 4) is Neil Simon's birthday: "If you can go through life without ever experiencing pain, you probably haven't been born yet. And if you've gone through pain and think you know exactly why, you haven't examined all the options."

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