Protected: Sometimes it’s hard

It was a rough scanning session tonight. The only way I could get through it was to fantasize that, somehow, doing all of this was going to get me laid. I'm usually not that crude. But scanning is usually not this difficult. Isaac, Isaac, Isaac... why did you have to print out so much stuff on fan-fold…

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Moments of Isaac

I've working on a biography of Isaac Bonewits. As a writer, Isaac apparently never threw away any piece of paper with his own writing on it, nor any correspondence he received. I'm going through boxes of his files, scanning what I can, before shipping the files to the archives of the University of California at Santa Barbara.Some…

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Time and Tala

I’ve had a chance to run a couple of Argothald expeditions. It’s been great.

I’d been concerned that my skills as a gamesmaster would be rusty after more than two decades. I needn’t have worried. While there are some issues with the rules system, they’re relatively minor. What’s important is that the players have fun.


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