Another gadget giveaway!

I’m giving away two pieces of computer network hardware. They’re about five years old, but perfectly functional.

The first is a router: a US Robotics 8004. For those not familiar with network geekery, this is a device you attach to your outside internet line so that more than one computer can share an internet connection, or to connect or share an internet-enabled device (such as a printer) with the computer(s) in your home.

The second is a wireless router: a Belkin N1. This is a device that adds a wireless signal to an internet connection. It can do the same things that the router above can do, but adds a wireless network.

Why did I have both? I needed the extra ethernet ports. Both devices have four ethernet ports in the back (plus a fifth port for the incoming signal); I have more than four devices on my home network.

I configured the wireless router to be a simple "access point," so it didn’t do any network address translation or firewall protection; all of that was handled by the broadband router.

Why am I replacing them? Both of these devices are limited to 100MB network speeds; I wanted the option of a 1GB network at home. In other words, pure geekness.

You’ll need to put some love into the configuration of these devices, but not much. I’d advise you to reset the devices to their factory state, so you don’t have to worry about any passwords I assigned or my weird configuration choices. All of what you’d need to do is in the documentation, which you download from the web pages linked above.

First come, first served. Just come over to my place and pick them up.

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