Time and Tala

I’ve had a chance to run a couple of Argothald expeditions. It’s been great.

I’d been concerned that my skills as a gamesmaster would be rusty after more than two decades. I needn’t have worried. While there are some issues with the rules system, they’re relatively minor. What’s important is that the players have fun.


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Argothald: The Missing Manual

It's official: I now have a chance to resurrect my old Argothald campaign. I've hit a snag. It's a big one. I can't find my old Argothald notebook. For me, this is no small matter. This notebook contained some key game notes. It contained the maps of the main "dungeon" (Ironmaw Mountain), the nearby town, and other…

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On “Crytolos”

What does the name "Crytolos" mean?Crytolos is the Demon Ruler of Aeykia. You see, when the Mekatrig defeated the forces in Ironmaw Mountain with the Argothald, he appointed a Demon Ruler to rule over each one of the Twilight Kingdoms...Your eyes are beginning to glaze over, aren't they?OK, let's try a human explanation. Crytolos was a creature…

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