HFW: expectations

I’ve often said that Horizon: Zero Dawn is my favorite console video game. (My favorite video game is The Prisoner for the Apple II. It’s no longer easily playable.)

This Friday, the game’s sequel Horizon: Forbidden West will be released. I’m excited! I’ve already purchased it, and it’s already been downloaded to my Playstation. On Friday it will activate.

The initial reviews for the game are extremely good. If you’re interested in trying it yourself (perhaps after the price goes down), be aware that the reviewers also tend to agree that to understand the plot of the new game, it’s best to have already played the first game; Wikipedia info-dumps are not a substitute.

I have to remember to tamp down my expectations. There have been times in the past when something was overhyped and I found myself disappointed.

The first time I recall this happening to me was with the book Silverlock by John Myers Myers. The multiple introductions in the particular edition I bought were filled with praise after praise, promising that I would “fall in love with Silverlock.” Once the introductions stopped and I got to the actual text, I may have gotten 10% through it before I put the book down in disgust.

On the other hand, as I grow older and more jaded, these moments of excited anticipation grow less and less. There are fewer The Fellowship of the Rings and more The Rise of Skywalkers.

Perhaps I should just enjoy the excitement while I can.

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