The Matrix Resurrections

A mini-review:

  • The Matrix Resurrections assumes that you are familiar with all the previous Matrix movies. If you haven’t seen them, this movie will be meaningless to you.
  • The movie is filled with call-backs, flash-backs, and fan service. This is absolutely deliberate on the part of the director, Lana Wachowski, because…
  • This is the most meta and self-aware movie that I’ve ever seen, more so than the Deadpool movies. If the action and plot seem overly familiar, there’s a reason for it that’s explained within the first half-hour of the film.
  • Don’t expect the mind-bending reality-peeling antics of the first film, or the incredible action sequences of the original trilogy. This is a entertaining enough action flick, and quite funny in spots. But don’t expect anything unique or challenging.
  • There is a brief scene at the very end of the credits. On the one hand, it’s not essential. On other hand, it sums up the ethos of The Matrix Resurrections quite nicely.

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