Scanning, scanning, scanning

Phaedra Bonewits sent me more boxes of material left by Isaac.

As with all the other boxes I scanned in 2010-2012, there’s more here than I can absorb in a reasonable time. So I started scanning the new stuff. Once I’ve got it scanned, I send the originals off to the Religious Studies Department of the University of California at Santa Barbara, then go through the scans at my own pace.

I start on one of the boxes, and reach a couple of Isaac’s notebooks. They’re a log of readings Isaac recorded between 1979 to 1981. Some of the readings were by others about him, and others were readings by him for others. The handwriting varies between readings, and I suspect some of the readings were recorded by Sally Eaton. Aside from these notebooks, there are other readings Isaac wrote down all through his files. It’s a large enough collection to form a statistical universe.

There’s enough material for someone to write a book on “The Readings of Isaac Bonewits” and make some conclusions about his divinations. No, I’m not going to write that book. I’m having enough issues with the biography. If you want to volunteer, let me know.

I scan the two notebooks containing the readings, and hit the “send” button on the scanner. As I move on to the next pile of papers, the copier flashes an message: “Transmission error”. The past half hour of scanning has been lost. I’ll grit my teeth and scan the notebooks again. But it’s discouraging.

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