The Talos Principle – Archived review

This is a great puzzle game. The graphics are amazing on the PS4. The story is that you are an AI within a computer simulation. The puzzles are set in an open-world environment, pock-marked with occasional terminals for backstory. Those terminals allow you to interact with another personality within the game who asks you increasingly difficult philosophical questions, but this has little effect on game-play.

The puzzles themselves gradually ramp up in difficulty, as with most games of this genre, but I only recall a couple of times when I finally resorted to looking up the solution on-line. That’s for the regular puzzles. There are also bonus puzzles, almost all of which I could not solve without on-line hints; those are serious brain-burners!

The game has three endings: one for if you solve all the regular puzzles, one if you solve them all and don’t do what the mighty control voice tells you to do, and one if you solve all the bonus puzzles. Of the three, the second is the most satisfying ending and the one you’d be most inclined to do anyway.

If you like puzzle games, this one is definitely worth it, especially since it was released awhile ago and is now available at steep discounts on various platforms.

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