Seeing and Sawing

I saw the doctor yesterday and got the results of the <a href=””>MRIs</a>. It turns out that the injury was a bit worse than I thought: bad contusion or mild break in the coccyx; a herniated disc. I’d been pessimistic about my rate of healing, but now that we know the details the doctor was pleased with my rate of recovery. Although I’ve improved, I’m still not up to snuff. I’m still better off working from home. The doctor understood my need to improve more quickly, and prescribed medication and physical therapy. I visited work yesterday, and it was a trial. With driving to both work and the doctor and to do some shopping, I probably did a bit too much and I paid for it afterwards. I will be glad when this process is over. And I remind myself to be grateful that there IS a process, and that I can take advantage of it. To all those who’ve offered me what I’ve been given, much thanks.

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