A Witch Does Passover – 2014

The theme for the seder this year turned out to be “family.” Three guests, who dearly wanted to come, could not due to family obligations. Of the seven guests we had this year, six of them (once enough wine was consumed) shared trials and tribulations associated with their family. Yes, I was one of the six. The one who didn’t share a family story came to my seder for the first time, and didn’t know most of the people there; they may have kept quiet.

Other things we learned:

– A kosher kitchen is not necessarily a clean kitchen.

– In an Orthodox Jewish kitchen, women aren’t allowed to crack eggs.

– The Jews in Goshen might have been Egypt’s first line of defense.

– Some folks think that the victim at the Purple Wedding still did not get what he deserved.

– Folks really hate it when I sing off-key. That’s still not going to stop me.

– Baking soda can be kosher for passover.

Cooking notes:

– I finally got fluffy matzoh balls this year, thanks to a new recipe. I learned that fluffy matzoh balls also disintegrate rapidly. Next year, either go back to the “classic” recipe (the one on the back of the matzoh-meal container) and live with the denser balls, or make twice as much of the new recipe.

– Never use pre-diced onions in either potato latkes or the chicken soup again. Canned carrots in the soup were acceptable, but only just.

– One or two extra eggs in the latkes doesn’t hurt; it helps to keep them in one piece when they’re fried.

– My current large rubbermaid soup container has lost most of its seal. Consider getting a new one for 2015.

– Soft-cooked yolks in hard-boiled eggs are supposed to be the right way to do it, but I still don’t like them that way. Next year, mention to whomever I ask to make the eggs to boil them longer. Or I can be silent, and let others enjoy the eggs as they prefer.

– Two apples make enough charoset. Really.

– Three jars of pearl onions are enough. Really.

– One pound of carrots is enough. Really.

– Smart Balance is kosher pareve margarine. Look for it again in 2015.

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  1. wgseligman

    re: Matzoh balls

    Some folks like ’em fluffy, some like ’em dense. If I make them fluffy again, be sure to heat the soup first and cook the matzoh balls separately. When the matzoh balls are done, turn off the heat on the soup and transfer the matzoh balls from the water to the soup. That will help keep them from falling apart.

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