Can a blog survive switching sites?

For about five years, I’ve used LiveJournal to post my meandering, over-footnoted, and over-semi-coloned thoughts. It’s also been an important tool in organizing my work on Isaac Bonewits’ biography.

With all its flaws, I like LiveJournal. Its tagging feature are a handy way for me to find my old posts. It’s a familiar environment.

I recently learned that LiveJournal is entirely owned and maintained by SUP Media, a Russian company. I have no problems with Russian software companies; Kapersky Labs is one of the best anti-virus and computer security companies in the world, and I use some design programs from BeLight Software.

However, Kapersky and BeLight are not likely to be targets of the Russian administration. LiveJournal may be. It’s often used as by bloggers for political dissent. Given the current policies of the Russian government, there’s a chance it may be restricted or taken down. I support peaceful, rational political dissent in all its forms. But I can’t risk a significant chunk of my life and work disappearing, even with LiveJournal backup tools such as ljdump.

I’m going to try moving my blog to Dreamwidth, with automatic cross-posting to LiveJournal. I’m far from the first; [personal profile] sabrinamari tried this a couple of years ago.

Because you’re a bright person, you’ve already figured out that this is a test to see what happens when I post on Dreamwidth. If I’m lucky, the post will also find its way to LiveJournal, and into my Facebook and Twitter feeds. If not… well, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

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  1. wgseligman

    I have my answer: This blog can’t survive the transfer to Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth uses a different version of the LiveJournal software, and there are some serious user interface issues. LJ has issues of its own, but I’ve learned to work around them automatically.

    This leaves me with no long-term alternative should LJ vanish tomorrow. I’ll have to research this some more.

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