What Isaac taught me

In 1973, I see the book "Real Magic" by Isaac Bonewits in a card catalog. I search for it, only to find it's in the restricted section of the library. I can check it out, but only for a week at a time. After checking it out five times, my grandmother buys me a copy. From this…

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Walking around Utica, NY

Sounds boring, doesn't it? But every place has a different vibe and energy. Utica turns out to be more than just a generic upstate NY city. My impressions: - The architecture is varied and interesting... and the buildings are clean. I hadn't fully appreciated what living in an area that's not dominated by air pollution can do…

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Letting go

I keep dreaming about setting up my booth at the Ren Faire, even though I made the decision to leave last year. This doesn't change my life much, nor does it make me regret my decision. It's just a measure of how much the Faire gets into your blood.

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Isaac’s status

It’s been about six weeks since I last posted about how Isaac Bonewits is doing.

Please bear in mind, as I discuss his health, circumstances, and requests, that in all good conscience I can only put forward those things that Phaedra has already made public, or for which I’ve received specific permission from Isaac to share. This is a hard time for the family, and I wish to give them control over their privacy.


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Isaac’s current state

I saw Isaac last night. Right now, for him to be awake or aware is to be in pain, so he spends a lot of time asleep or mentally drifting. I'm one of Isaac's friends, but I am not his primary care-giver; his wife Phaedra is. If you'd like up-to-date information on Isaac's condition and requests for…

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Protected: Another reminder

On top of a sucky day, I found a note from her that she wrote about two years ago. I hadn't seen it before now.I'll deal with it. But why couldn't I have found the note two weeks ago? Or two weeks later?And yeah, there could be other notes. I'll just have to accept them when I…

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Protected: Good-bye

So I said good-bye to her.No fuss, no discussion, no more futile attempts at closure. I don't think she understands that we won't see each other again, or that that will be entirely her choice.She taught me a lot. But one lesson I did not learn is how to let go. Maybe I'll finally learn that lesson…

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