What Isaac and Phae could use

I just got back from visiting Isaac in the hospital. Here are the facts:

For cards, flowers, and other such:

Isaac Bonewits
c/o Nyack Hospital
160 North Midland Ave
Nyack, New York 10960     

For practical stuff (e.g., does he have anyone to get him anything) I live about a block away from Nyack Hospital; I and others are ready to get things for him. So right now, he doesn’t need any "stuff."

He doesn’t know I’m mentioning this, but: It’s possible that not all the medical costs will be covered. For those with a desire to pass on something practical, please visit Isaac’s web site and scroll to the very bottom of the page; you’ll have the chance to give a gift that may make a real difference in the long run.

Magical energies:

Isaac has learned little more than is not already on Isaac and Phae’s Facebook page. He has two large cysts in his colon. When indicating the size of them to me, he made a circle with his hand about the size of a golf ball.

The magical needs are:

  • Earth: Healing energy. He’ll get antibiotics, but concentrate on keeping those cysts completely benign.
  • Water: Pain relief. This condition hurts. He’s constantly shifting from one position to another, trying to find a place of comfort. Send soothing energy, please.
  • Air: When I was there, his food order had not yet been filled out; the nurse wasn’t even supposed to give him a glass of water. Send energy to the doctors of Nyack Hospital to pay attention to his case, and to make a correct and accurate diagnosis.

That leaves one remaining element, and I’m going to suggest:

  • Fire: Healing energy and focus on Phae, who is also ill with the flu right now. The change that’s needed is to give some attention and contact for her, which is hard to do in the shadow of Isaac’s circumstances.

For those who wish to pass on the information to others (a good idea, since I don’t have the Facebook nor LiveJournal connections that Phae and Isaac do), the URL for this journal entry is http://crytolos.livejournal.com/16716.html.

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  1. holzman

    When my mother-in-law broke her hip while visiting us she had to be hospitalized for a while. The thing that made the difference between her having a merely horrible experience rather than a completely abominable due to neglect on the staff’s behalf was ‘s daily dressing her business-best and monitoring her mother’s quality of treatment with enough of a sense of humor about people slacking off to get her nicknamed “Dragon Lady” by the staff.

    I don’t know if Phaedra has the necessary resources for that daily practice, but there it is.

    1. wgseligman

      I’ll mention this, but:

      – Right now Phae is ill, and can’t leave her apartment for extended periods of time.

      – When she is better, she has to work. She works retail, and doesn’t have much time off, nor energy afterwards.

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