Physics and Wicca can mix!

Today I had the chance to go over some slides from a presentation that a colleague was going to make the Physics Advisory Committee at Fermilab.  It was an important presentation, and it was vital to make a good impression.  (I should mention that I was not the only one to look over these slides; everyone from the collaboration did so, in order to help her out.)

At one point in her talk, she describes a relatively new technique for detecting particles.  She shows some results, and then had written on the slide, "This is not black magic"; the implication being that the detector worked and was practical for use in physics analysis.

However, she had spelled the word "magic" incorrectly.  I, with 17 years of experience in paganism and ritual, immediately picked up on the error.

Wicca rules!  At least for finding spelling mistakes…

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