To those who translated the diary entry

My thanks! As I half suspected, the entry concerns people who might like to have these details kept private. I've therefore hidden the original post. Now that you've given me the key, I'll have to work my way through 13 pages of the "encrypted" text. *Sigh* I knew this research would be tedious when I started it,…

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My work on the biography goes in cycles. In the past few weeks, I’ve mostly been on the low part of the cycle; I haven’t done much.

My interview yesterday with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone invigorated my interest. After I spoke with them (and they’re fascinating people; be on the lookout for their books and workshops) I spent the rest of the day coding.


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Movie review – Satanis: The Devil’s Mass

A heart-warming, feel-good story about a poor-but-honest religious separatist named Anton LaVey who gets together with his friends to put on a show and save the local church. In a world where he’s treated by scorn and derided by neighbors, he rises up against injustice and…


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Something to remember

Wil Wheaton recently wrote a good blog post about self-publishing. I don't plan to self-publish Isaac's biography. But Wheaton's post reminds me that I'll need a content editor, a copy editor, and a layout designer for the book. If a publisher does not offer those services, I probably should find a different one. For those of you…

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Biography beginning

My Wiccan clan held its annual Bardic Circle last night, as it does every Imbloc. For those unfamiliar with the custom, in a Bardic Circle everyone is asked to offer some aspect of performance or creativity, in this case as an offering to Brigid in her aspect as Goddess of the Arts.

My offering was to read a description of the eclipse ritual at the Stonehenge replica in February 1979.


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Feb 26 1979 eclipse ritual

Please RT, share, forward, and distribute this post on your social networks, especially any pagan mailing lists, message boards, forums, and the like. I'm looking for people who were at the ritual at the Stonehenge replica near Maryhill WA on February 26, 1979, during the total solar eclipse. I'm trying to put together a description of everything…

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